5 Airsoft Secrets Newbies Must Know

Airsoft originated in Japan in the early 1980s as the Japanese answer to the American craze of Paintball. Airsoft has advanced over the years in both technology and as a sport, granting higher performance and more realistic cycling guns. This allowed for greater realism in play and in turn the game was able to develop into the true immersive combat sport we know today.
Across Japan, South East Asia, North America and Europe there are hundreds of thousands of players who put on their combat gear, heave on their webbing and grab their rifles each weekend.

Airsoft needs a system to set up professional and exciting competitive games, and it would benefit from imitating the ranking system of League of Legend

Airsoft needs to have more regulation against cheaters. It cannot rely on players to be honorable all the time. If caught cheating intentionally, merciless punishment must be given to cheaters

Airsoft needs to provides a broad viewing angle for the viewers to keep them excited and engage. More people will watch, and big companies will be more likely to sponsor the game. Overwatch serves as a great example.

Your Hop-Up Unit

When it comes to accuracy and consistency, it is essential that you have a quality hop-up unit. Most airsoft gun comes with a “stock hop-up” that tends to suck unless you’re buying from G&G. Their stock hop-up is decent in comparison to others

Hop-up helps your BBs fight the force of gravity and air friction by making your BBs spin in a specific manner. It determines how your BBs are traveling through your barrel and towards your target. Your gun’s accuracy, consistency, and range rely heavily on the quality of your hop-up

We know that hop-up such as Krytac, Lonex, G&G Green can be great for your gun, especially if it is an M4. But we can wholeheartedly endorse the Prowin series hop-up. The Prowin hop-up unit provides high, but not laser-like, accuracy, and excellent consistency. More at T.A.S Blog.

Be Aware of Your Laws and Regulations

You must be aware of your federal and local rules governing the purchasing, carrying as well as the use of airsoft guns. Don’t put yourself at risk with the law. Call your local police department to learn more

Public Carry

Not everyone will know that your airsoft gun is a replica. Do not showcase your airsoft gun anywhere in public where people may mistake for a real firearm

Even with an orange tip or bright color airsoft gun, a law enforcement officer is not going to take any chances after seeing you carrying what they believe could be a dangerous firearm

For your sake, carry your gun inside a bag and away from sight.

The Exception to Airsoft Laws and Regulation in California

The airsoft laws dont apply for airsoft guns in a bright color such as bright red, white, pink, blue, purple, or orange

To prevent troubles with the law, this is perhaps the most recommended that you buy airsoft gun with the colors mentioned above. Knowing the law and regulation will save you in the future.

The Milsim Guy

These guys are the one with the sexiest looking gun, gears, and decorations.

They are the most intense type of airsoft players out there. You may even have seen some of them brought MRE for lunch.

When you play along with these guys, expect to be told what to do like you were in your corporate job. Expect to be blamed for your mistakes and for losing

Most of the time, these guys will give you hell if you aren’t playing seriously, and they treat airsoft as if it is military training. Extra details on T.A.S Blog.

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