Food & Wine tours Sardinia

Amazing food and wine tours in Italy … Encounter a side of unseen Italy in the undisturbed region of Abruzzo. Medieval castles remain strong, overlooking a valley of lush vines. The Apennine Mountains form extraordinary backdrops to historic hillside towns. Fishermen continue using ancient fishing techniques along the coastline. Shepherds traverse the undulating landscape, faithfully following their flock. Farms produce […]

Rent private office workspace Seregno

Are you planning launching a coworking area? Maybe you’ve never even heard of the ideea. Regardless, that’s why I’m writing this post. I want to discuss with you more about the global movement of coworking, and how it’s changing the habits of so many entrepreneurs and freelancers all around the world. Coworking offers endless benefits to coworkers. From increased productivity […]