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Searching for Thailand team effectiveness corporate training to raise you or your teams skill levels ? Human resource management-Human resource management training would help reduce your staff turnover at 70% and will result in 300% reduction in staff turnover. Customer retention would improve by 5% with the help of this particular training program. Personal development-your employees are your real asset. If you invest in personal development training program, you can increase their productivity by 5.2%. Overall company productivity would increase by 21%.

Looking to the Future: Bringing Corporate Education and Degree Completion Closer Together. We have shifted to a lifelong learning culture and are moving away from the traditional degree pathway that was so clearly defined and used over the last 50 years. Students move easily from formal to informal learning and employers recognize that there is no one right way to gain skills and knowledge. This is the era of personalized learning. Less emphasis is being placed on degrees and more emphasis is placed on the employee’s ability to pivot, adjust and quickly learn new skills. Using the corporate training programs as a taste of your institutions’ degree programs, understanding the importance to the corporation you are working with regards to formal degrees vs. lifelong and workplace learning, and focusing on delivering programming based on need will be the key to success for the institutions of the 21st-century. Read more details at Professional development in corporate training in Bangkok.

Team Building: Form small groups and give them a task to perform or assign a case study for discussion. When everyone works towards a common goal, it leads to brainstorming and creation and amalgamation of different ideas, which in turn would lead to the implementation of the best possible solution. This helps build communication within the team and promotes healthy debates to address problems and find solutions. Improving the training approach helps build a productive workforce, hence organizations today are implementing effective training strategies with an aim to enhance the skills of their employees and optimize their productivity. Interactive training provides an immersive and engaging learning experience for them. It helps learners retain information and apply them at appropriate situations, and also prepares them for future roles and responsibilities by developing their interpersonal and problem-solving skills. An interactive session makes the training more fun and enjoyable compared to traditional training methods.

You will become more motivated. When you know what you want to achieve, it is easier for you to see the benefits of taking action. Even when the task ahead is not enjoyable; if you can see a clear benefit, you are more motivated to take the necessary action. See extra details at

Updates Are Easy: Custom MindTools solutions are built on demand. The courses are tailored for your specific requirements, communicate internal approaches, and correspond to certain corporate practices. However, corporate learning follows the cycle of continuous improvement. Technology changes, knowledge is gained, and corporate practices and requirements change. This makes updates to MindTools inevitable, but also much less costly, as you own the courses and can focus the updates to reflect the new changes, instead of having to replace the entire program. Increased Learner Engagement And Knowledge Retention: By using custom MindTools solutions, you are creating very useful corporate training. Customization will make the courses fun and engaging, with a clear focus on application. An effective corporate training should provide critical knowledge useful for everyday work and do it in a fun and interesting way. Customizing allows the implementation of a variety of strategies for boosting engagement and retention, such as crafting internal personas, using familiar scenarios for serious games, awarding badges for achievements, etc.

Now, let’s quickly explore the most undeniable or must know the benefits of gamification of corporate training or workplace gamification. Facilitates behavior change: Behavior change is the process in which an undesired behavior is abandoned in favor of a better one. Are you wondering how gamification of corporate training can induce a behavior change among the learners? Well, it’s about understanding the motivators or what motivates the learners and how it can effectively drive the behavior change. This shouldn’t be a trial and error method, instead ,I recommend a detailed study of the target audience to find what motivates them and what can bring the behavior changes in them. The motivation can be categorized into both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Source:

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