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Tadoba tiger reserve is an incredible travel destination. If you want to observe diversified wildlife, to experience the fabulous smell of the forest, to enjoy in the wild , going back to human land roots. There are a lot of national parks in India, here is some information about them and especially on Tadoba National Park.

Manipur’s Loktak Lake, of which the southeastern part is in Keibul Lamjao National Park, is remarkable for being the only floating lake in the world (it has a multitude of swampy floating islands called phumdi), as well as being the only place in the world. in which brow-deer with horns (Sangai) live. These endangered deer are Manipur’s state animals. They are often referred to as dancing deer, as they tend to sway when walking on soft vegetation. Successful conservation efforts have led to their population rising from an estimated value of 14 in 1975, to 260 in 2016. To see them, take a boat in the wetlands of the national park early in the morning. October-April is the best time to go. Companies like Seven Sisters Holidays in Manipur can arrange trips. See extra info at Tadoba safari.

The reserve is open every day except Tuesday for safaris. There are two safari places a day, one in the morning from 6h to 11h and one in the afternoon from 15h to 18h30. These times will vary slightly depending on the time of year. 2017 Monsoon Season: Although limited tourism was allowed in Tadoba during the monsoon season in the past, the central area of ??the reserve will be closed during the monsoon from July 1 to October 15 this year. This is due to guidelines issued by the National Tiger Conservation Authority. Tourists are allowed to enter buffer zones for safaris but must rent jeeps at the gates, as private vehicles are prohibited. Advance reservations are not required.

Must have for a Tadoba safari : Do not take the largest and most strenuous travel bag, just because the airline you reach in India allows you. If you have domestic flights or even small and light aircraft flights between parks or reservations, make sure that these limits are different: maximum 20 kg on the flight to Zanzibar or 15 kg on the domestic flight to a park, if you plan to do so. Because storage spaces in cars or light aircraft are limited, soft travel bags or backpacks are preferred, not rigid material trolleys. We all had trolls and no one died, but I figured it would be easier otherwise. See extra details on

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