Top travel locations to visit in Belize and the Belize real estate choices

Top travel locations to visit in Belize and the Belize real estate options. Belize is an awesome travel destination but you can also become a permanent tourist if you explore the local real estate market in Belize and purchase a property there. First let’s discuss about a few attractions in Belize and we will end with some tips about becoming a permanent tourist by buying a property in Belize. Sitting high on the Vaca Plateau, 500 meters (1650 ft) above sea level, Caracol is the largest Maya site in Belize. It was once one of the largest ancient Maya cities, covering some 168 square kilometers (65 mi²). At its peak around 650 AD it had an estimated population of about 150,000, more than twice as many people as Belize City has today. The largest pyramid in Caracol is Canaa (Sky Place), at 43 meters (143 ft) it is still the tallest man-made structure in all of Belize.

Lying in a valley between the Mopal and Macal Rivers, San Ignacio is a great base for exploring the tourist attractions of the Cayo District. Top on the list here are the archaeological sites. Xunantunich, perched on a limestone ridge overlooking the Mopan River, is perhaps the most famous. El Pilar is one of the largest archaeological sites in Belize, but little of its history is known, since excavation only began in 1993. Visitors can explore the ruins and surrounding jungle on the vast network of nature trails. Close to San Ignacio, the popular Cahal Pech Archaeological Site is relatively small and includes an excellent museum. For a subterranean adventure, visitors can explore Che Chem Ha Cave and the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, which shelters skeletal remains and Mayan pottery vessels. At Barton Creek Cave, adventure seekers can canoe or tube-float along a river that flows through the cave for about one and a half kilometers. Other highlights in the region include the Chaa Creek Nature Reserve and the Iguana Conservation Project, where visitors can cuddle these charismatic creatures. San Ignacio is also a launching point for adventures into the beautiful Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve.

Belize attractions and climate makes purchasing a property here a tempting thought. Imagine living permanently there… the joy. Belize real estate is best-kept secret for affordable beach property. Prime frontline beach property for under $300,000? Yes, it is very true and available. Belize is a small country on the Eastern coast of Central America. It is an increasingly popular tourist destination for people looking for unique experiences away from the usual crowded Caribbean destinations. Real estate insiders have long known that prime Belize real estate on the coastline such as Ambergris Caye Real Estate would be very much sought after. Other popular spots are Corozal district and Palencia. See extra details on Belize Secret Beach.

It’s no secret that Belize is a top ocean activity travel destination. The snorkeling along the coast is spectacular, with dozens of hidden coves and calm waters – making it an ideal family destination. Of course if you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous there are ample opportunities under the waves for that as well. More a wildlife rehabilitation center than a zoo, this attraction is perfect for animal lovers eager to observe some of the native species of Belize. The zoo is notable for only housing those animals that are native to Belize, and focusing on helping sick, injured, or orphaned animals – some of which would never survive in the wild. In other cases, the zoo works on rehabilitating the animal, with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. Some of the top snorkeling destinations in Belize include Shark Ray Alley for seeing sharks and rays, Lighthouse Reef – the furthest from the coast so be ready to make a day of it, and Coral Gardens near Caye Caulker – highly recommended for beginners. And if you’re not so into what can be found under the water, the scenery along the Belize coastline is just gorgeous. Relaxing on the ship deck with a cocktail and snapping the perfect selfie is a perfectly acceptable afternoon pastime as well as diving among the colorful sea life.

Once the exclusive domain of local fishermen, the Belize Blue Hole gained international fame in 1971 when French oceanographer and marine documentarian Jacques Cousteau visited the area and promptly declared the Belize Blue Hole as one of the top 10 best diving spots on the planet. A nearly perfectly circular hole measuring 300 meters (980 feet) across, the Belize Blue Hole is the location of a series of caverns that were swallowed up by rising waters at the end of the last great Ice Age. Source:

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