How to eliminate blackheads?

Stop squeezing the pimples! This first part can be the hardest because every time you see a pimple on your face you tend to squeeze it. However, squeezing these pimples does the most harm to your skin because after storing them, the pimples are swollen, reddish and, most of the time, they do it again after the first squeeze. Already, […]

The best makeup mirror

Here are a few makeup mirrors with LED advices and why we think Angel Lux from Mirrex as the top one. “The best thing about this mirror is the touch sensor, simply touching it turns on the LED lights, very cool and convenient,” raves one reviewer, adding, “The magnification of 2x and 3x are great. The mirror is battery powered, […]

Benefits of ToullGo hair removal

If shaving, waxing, or tweezing is not your thing, ToullGo hair removal is the best alternative for you. I am conscious about how I look in front of others, so I search for an effective device in the market to remove unwanted hair. I’m glad that I found ToullGo. If you want an easy and hassle-free process for hair removal, […]

Transplante de cabelo na Turquia

Hoje em dia, a principal preocupacao dos homens e perder os cabelos. Se voce esta prestes a perder os cabelos ou ja perdeu uma parte consideravel dele, e hora de agendar uma viagem a Istanbul para fazer o transplante capilar. Nos fornecemos-lhe a oportunidade de ter uma cabeca cheia de cabelos atraves de transplante de cabelo com boa qualidade de […]

Trends in hairstyle industry for 2019

Hairstyle trends 2019. Blunt Bob, Bobs are nothing new, but if it seems like celebs are going shorter this year, it’s because they are. Hairstylist Ashley Streicher, who just joined R+Co’s Collective, says her clients are asking for “shorter and bolder” cuts. She recently chopped Mandy Moore’s hair into a messy, blunt bob that’s super trendy this season. “I find […]