Landlord gas safety certificate London

One Perfect Solution Limited is an experienced gas safety and electrical contractor, providing a variety of professional services for the commercial and domestic market. We operate within London and the surrounding areas, delivering a first-class testing and certification service that is both friendly and efficient. At LPG Certified, we specialise in LPG gas safety certificates for Mobile Catering Trailers , […]

Issac Qureshi Taxation Expert and Dealmaker

So Issac is not just an expert on British Tax Law without practical experience, he knows how the tax strategies he develops with you, tailored for your business, affects your actual annual operations. He is of course fully up to date on and highly experienced handling UK tax regulations, and he is the currently the Non-Executive Director of the Taxation […]

Accessible PDF at the fair price

The European Directive 2016/2012 of 26 October 2016 requires that all documents and forms, downloadable and published on existing public sector websites after 23 September 2018, be made “accessible” at latest by 23 September 2020. In addition, any document of this type published on new public sector websites (those published after 23 September 2018) must be accessible no later than […]

Britain Reviews

As more and more people are sharing their shopping experiences on the internet, online reputation has become an important factor in knowing if a company will go bust or become a roaring success. Did you know that 80% of clients read online reviews before buying a service? Before customers leave reviews online, there could be several ways to “hear” what […]

Business planning with Gabor Becsei

Investment means using money in a system that can generate profit in the short, medium, or long term, based on the expected duration of the money investment. It is very important to be aware of the different types of investments before deciding on an investment type. A good investment is a vehicle to create wealth for the future. Investment can […]

Solar batteries on the USA market

Usually the largest single cost factor is lighting. Obsolete light bulbs only use about ten percent of the electricity to make light. 90 percent are lost as heat. They produce heat rather than light, because they are based on a glowing filament made of tungsten. Modern LEDs use almost all of the electricity to make light. You can clearly notice […]

Reverse mortgage calculator

Comparing multiple mortgage offers for a home loan is a challenge you will face when refinancing your home. If you are looking at multiple offers for the lowest mortgage rate, Here is what you need to know: Obtain a Loan Estimate (LE).It’s a three page document required by law to be sent to you within 3 days of your application […]