Overcome the fear of speaking advices

Public speaking fear can be a huge obstacle if you want to develop your career. Here are a few public speaking tips and a recommendation if you are searching for a public speaking course. Use Your Voice and Hands Effectively. Omit Nervous Gestures. Nonverbal communication carries most of the message. Good delivery does not call attention to itself, but instead […]

Pilgrimage to Mecca

A lot of times we have heard about Muslim religious happenings in what they call “Mecca.” However, not many of us have knowledge about what Mecca is. In this article we will discuss about Mecca, the meaning , the history and many other details regarding this focal point of muslim religion. The focal point of Mecca is the Kaaba, the […]

Swift fast learning online tutorials

Meet Visual.School , the next generation online learning platform. The world is spinning, time is advancing and all things in the world evolve. Even when, apparently, there is no need for innovation you are pleasantly surprised with a new approach to an established product or service. The internet is full of tutorials and online courses and you may think that […]

Deepen your creative pursuits with transformative coaching

Personal development with transformative coaching advices… To transform is to convert through a dramatic change into something that didn’t exist before, altering structure, condition, character, or appearance. If any of these words caused your stomach to tighten, it might be because making big life changes seems some terrifying thing you’ve been procrastinating about for a long time. If you’re struggling […]

Expand my consciousness guides

Heart centered learning strategies today, a hot topic, and we will bring this up again as a high quality personal health course is starting in December 2019, i’m discussing about Body Bedrock course. Meditation practice helps the body learn to relax, a benefit that continues when it’s time to hit the hay. It also trains the mind to settle the […]

Very big gmat score

Let’s discuss about online GMAT tutor resources and, as a result, we will offer several advices regarding all GMAT questions, focusing on advices about how to prepare for your exams. If you’re given one or more conditions for a number (that it has to be prime, for example), make sure that the number you pick meets all of the conditions. […]